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MINIONS: Preteens predisposed to slapstick humor will be extremely pleased, and a semi-clever script will intermittently amuse parents.

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the book thief
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THE BOOK THIEF’s unique WWII tale is a good movie-night-in choice for all fans of intriguing and emotional historical dramas.

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There’s almost always an awesome film coming out on Blu-Ray or DVD each month, so which ones should you pay attention to this month?

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Awards, Fests, and Campaigns Disney will push Saving Mr. Banks, which had a great stateside debut at the AFI Fest, as a drama at the Golden Globes. Most of us thought the film, which examines Walt Disney and P.L. Travers’ disagreements about 1964’s Mary Poppins, would contend in the musical

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Based on the best selling book, The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak the first official trailer for the film is out and it looks inspiring.

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