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DRACULA UNTOLD: The greatest Transylvanian (anti-)hero or another comic-book superhero by another name.

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Over the years, the horror genre has received a reputation of being filled with plot-less, talent-less and  pointless violence and gore. In regards to the artists who have contributed to this genre since it’s inception, we look at a few films that have shaped present-day horror. 1. The Cabinet of Dr.

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Ghosts, air conditioner wielding zombies, President Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beetlejuice 2, Darth Vader, oreos, and the pursuit of an honest portrayal of nerdom on The BastardCast!

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By Merrill Barr Following the success of their Hannibal adaptation, NBC wants to continue the trend of “basic cable shows on network television,” and their latest attempt, Dracula surely fits into that category – though, I question what the point is supposed to be. I was never sold on the idea of a Dracula

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Check out these character posters from NBC’s upcoming show Dracula. The show airs on Friday’s starting October 25.

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If you love movies and you love collectibles, than you know that the coolest movie collectible to own these days is a Mondo poster!!  Working in conjunction with the ultra hip indie/cult theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, Mondo releases high quality, artist designed, limited edition posters that sell out almost instantly

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Read part one of my TCM Festival experience here! Saturday was my busiest day at the festival, but also my favorite.  All four movies I viewed were ones I had never seen before, and they were all great! On to the mini-reviews: THE LONGEST DAY (1962) –  I almost skipped

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