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STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON: Simultaneously de-mythologizes and re-mythologizes N.W.A.’s contributions to rap music and hip-hop culture.

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A friend of mine, in reference to the death of MCA, said, “RIP MCA, see you at Coachella next year.” Funny, a bit “too soon” , but also close to prophetic. No, MCA isn’t coming back in hologram form (yet, or hopefully, ever), but Freddie Mercury? Yeah, that’s happening. According to Gawker, a

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Coachella has become one of  the most celebrated music festivals in the world.  Set in Indio, CA -the 3-day festival has hundreds of bands to see and millions of people to meet.  This year, festival organizers promised to make the festival 2 weekends, with the same bands playing, taking place

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