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Here are 9 movies to help get you in the mood for summer. Keep reading to see which movies are on our list and see how they match with your faves!

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One of my favorite things to do with my mom is to sit down and snuggle up to watch a movie.  It has been one of my most enjoyable moments since I was a kid.  I love thinking of the the experience of going to the itty bitty independent, local

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Are you celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other gift-giving occasion this holiday season? Need some help choosing the perfect gift? Have no fear, Screen Invasion Gift Guides are here! As I am a lover of chick flicks, I’ve decided to put my vast collection of knowledge to good use and

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Dear Readers, Like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, I’m going to start this missive to you as if we are the dearest of friends and already in the middle of a conversation. (Ironically, I wrote the opening to this post weeks before Nora Ephron‘s premature demise (RIP Nora). But, as it

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Are you a 20-something woman looking to pay the rent and have some extra dollars for the finer things in life? Well, For a Good Time, Call… has a suggestion for you… Just kidding! Though phone sex features prominently (and is laugh-out-loud hilarious!!), it is by no means the only way in

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