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Pregnancy was the main theme in last week’s episode, though this being American Horror Story, that episode was of course called “The Coat Hanger.” We open in the modern day, with a man claiming to be named John Morgan (Dylan McDermott) meeting a therapist (called Dr. Gardner) who may be

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Michael Haneke is a director whose career I have followed intently over the past few years. While never making anything that would slot into my top ten or even twenty favorite films he has produced some intriguing, interesting and original work. Haneke is known for edgy and controversial themes and

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And we’re back!  This week American Horror Story livened things up with a fun appearance by Frances Conroy (who played the older version of Moira last season) as the Angel of Death, proving that even when this show is filled with enough characters and plotlines that it seems ready to

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Every Monday, we highlight one song that you may not have heard of, may not have heard in ages, or one that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads. Enjoy!

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This week The Speaker Box inches closer to a landmark. Music featured includes Lupe Fiasco, Niki and The Dove, Jens Lenkman and Josh T Pearson. KICK START Unsustainable by Muse SHOWCASE Chain of Fools by Frank B Disappear by Petit Noir SOUNDTRACK TO SUMMER 2012 Goods by iamamiwhoami Five Seconds

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