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Rusty Nail is back to his old, truck-driving and murdering ways in the upcoming Joy Ride 3: Roadkill, available on Blu-ray and DVD June 17th.

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Some people like to enjoy the holiday season with sappy love stories, uplifting tales of friends and family, or seasonal stories of family reunions gone horribly and hilariously wrong. This list is not for those people. This list is for those of us who would rather watch explosions and gunfights

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It’s the holiday season! Which means tons of shopping is definitely on everyone’s agenda, so what better gifts to buy than awesome box sets of their favorite movies and TV shows? I’ve conjured up a really cool list of great box sets to get the TV show and movie lover

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This week we review The Hunger Games (once more!) L!fe Happens and Pirates In and Adventure With Scientists! We also discuss our favourite Quentin Tarrantino films, the greatest beard in cinematic history and alternative ways to spend your week when faced with a slate of bad releases.     REVIEWS

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