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For the longest time I’ve had an affection for the kind of films most people would consider, weird, odd and downright freaky. There is something wonderfully intriguing and just inexplicably exciting about the world off kilter film. Whether it’s high concepts, quirky dialogue, macabre metaphors or just out there imagery. If it’s

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Side by Side is a fantastic documentary produced by none other than Keanu Reeves about the transition from film to digital video in the film industry. To me, this doesn’t seem like something Reeves would be involved in (insert typical Keanu Reeves impersonation here), but the actor really knows his stuff

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As apart of the American Express Unstaged series — which previously brought us collaborations from Arcade Fire/Terry Gilliam, The Roots and John Legend/Spike Lee, Duran Duran/David Lynch, and My Morning Jacket/Todd Haynes — Jack White will be performing at Webster Hall in New York City on April 27 at 9

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Unorthodox film auteur, meditation guru, artist and now bonafide musician, the empire of oddity that is David Lynch‘s career continues to grow without any sign of stopping. I didnt expect much when I first entered Crazy Clown Time and in doing so my expectations were matched. Let’s just get this

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