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Love Actually image: © 2003 Universal Studios.  ||  This Chick’s Flicks logo: © 2012 Kristal Bailey. Some people celebrate Christmas Day with family, friends, and presents under a tree. Others, like me, celebrate with a trip to the movies and dinner in Chinatown. Regardless of how you spend the day

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Most people that grew up in the 90s will agree with my choice of having this next movie in the countdown. Home Alone was a huge holiday favorite in my household as I’m sure it was in most others. In this Christmas movie, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is accidently left

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This week we have two big releases! I’d say the biggest one is The Campaign with Safety Not Guaranteed as the other big release. The Campaign was one of the big comedies that came out during the summer and Safety Not Guaranteed definitely got some buzz as a great film.

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