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You’ve heard the old saying before, and it’s likely because it’s true: it’s the little things that count. Often times we tend to overlook the subtle characteristics and qualities that make a thing truly great, a cut above the rest. And for those televised rare gems out there, it’s these

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I missed out on seeing End Of Watch in theaters  because my wife had heard about the shaky hand documentary style of filming that was rampant throughout the movie. When we watched it last night, it was one of the first things I noticed, and yes while it was shaky, it didn’t

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Critics are loving End of Watch, but sometimes you have to be the rebellious one.  Maybe I’m the proverbial “loose cannon” this time! I find it interesting that I’ve reviewed two found footage films back-to-back, my last being V/H/S, and it has caused me to meditate a bit on the

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