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This weeks biggest release is the Oscar nominated film Wreck-It Ralph! You can also enter our contest to win the film on Blu-Ray! Other big releases this week are: The Intouchables and Collaborator. Here’s a clip from Wreck-It Ralph: And as usual, please don’t hesitate to share what Blu-Rays and

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This week there are a few great Blu-ray and DVD releases! House at the End of the Street, Dredd, Frankenweenie, Samsara, and Dallas: The Complete First Season are the best releases this week! Here’s a clip from House at the End of the Street (the still above is from the movies

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In Collaborator, David Morse plays the bad guy, but beyond the stock description, “Gus” is lost and flailing, not evil, just confused and running for his life within the bounds of his own head. Morse has built a career playing characters that, at first glance, seem like they can be

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