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JURASSIC WORLD: Everything that ‘Jurassic Park’ was, but with infinitely more CGI, IQ-challenged plotting, and caricature-level characters.

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I love movies and I really don’t know that I have ever enjoyed a film this much or been so giddy even after walking out of the theater. I think I have a crush on this movie, which i didn’t even know was possible until now.

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The Safety Not Guaranteed red carpet promised a lot of talented actors, as well as a director and writer that I admire for their concept and ability to bring together an amazing cast, so this was a big deal for me. Never having been on a red carpet before, I assumed that

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Day two of SXSW 2012 came and went quite fast. My day was fun-filled with four films total. At SXSW they have these things called SXXpress Pass (pronounced South by Express Pass) that you can get on the day of any particular showing. The box office opens at 9am with

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I love the inspiration for Safety Not Guaranteed and that it seems the filmmakers have really managed to take such an odd occurence and use it to create a film with substance and heart.  This film came out of an ad placed in 1997 in Backwoods Home Magazine in which a

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