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VACATION: Neither the journey nor the eventual destination proves to be particularly memorable, let alone funny except sporadically.

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VACATION Trailer: Ed Helms and Christina Applegate star in the “reboot” of the 1983 classic.

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Two was one too many. One was more than enough. Read our review of HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2.

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When you think of classic Christmas comedy films, you can’t help but immediately think of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase brings his ever so popular slapstick, fall down comedy to the Vacation series but this time in a Christmas themed story. Clark W. Griswald (Chevy Chase) is a family

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Below are my picks for the best shows of 2011.  There are shows listed that I discovered online and a web series as well, I feel that in this time that television and how we watch it are changing, I should represent more than just the traditional TV watching public

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