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I am typically a sucker for thrillers, especially ones that have a major plot twist that you don’t see coming. These types of films typically have some fantastic characters and a nice mix of suspenseful action thrown in for good measure. Broken City fails to deliver on all points.

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Broken City is available to own on Blu-ray, and we’ve got your chance to win a copy!

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Blu-ray and DVD

Silver Linings Playbook is out on DVD/Blu-Ray this week. Check out the full list of releases here.

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Spring movies often get a bad wrap. Much like the fall movie season, these are typically considered cinematic leftovers. Spring films are seen as not good enough for Oscar contention, not blockbuster enough for the summer playground, and generally pretty skip-able. However, this year there are still plenty of quality

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The first trailer for Allen Hughes’ thriller Broken City has arrived online. Mark Wahlberg plays a cop-turned-P.I. who is hired by the Mayor played by Russell Crowe to find out if his wife is having an affair. After confirming she is cheating, she ends up dead, and the P.I. is drawn into an intense political conspiracy.

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