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We wrapped up our day at WonderCon 2015 by getting some previews of what’s to come from Blumhouse Productions.  They gave us a sneak peak at three of their upcoming horror movies, including two small budget films: Unfriended and The Shallows. We were treated to panels feature key contributors from

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The Purge: Anarchy
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Ditching horror for action, this PURGE sequel – THE PURGE: ANARCHY – tries to channel its inner Snake Plissken.

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Creep is the first feature for writer, director and star Patrick Brice, which he made with long-time friend Mark Duplass.  The film follows Aaron (Patrick Brice) as he agrees to film Josef (Mark Duplass) for reasons unknown to him after he answers a Craigslist ad for a videographer.  As the film

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