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After talking with Frankenweenie producer Don Hahn, I had the opportunity to chat with Allison Abbate, whom he called “one of the greatest stop-motion producers of all time.”  Allison has worked with some incredible directors including Wes Anderson, Brad Bird, and, of course, Tim Burton.  Her credits include Space Jam,

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  After the very mixed reviews director Tim Burton received about his film DARK SHADOWS (I personally enjoyed it quite a bit), I have high expectations about him gaining back a general positive consensus around film critics/general audiences with his new stop motion entry for 2012 Frankenweenie.    I’m a big

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So this past week was by far the wrong week to take off. In just a few short days some of gamings biggest stories broke and I feel like I’m late to the party. So I’d like to take this time and attempt to cover some of this past weeks

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Blu-ray and DVD

While not a true Blu-ray set, I felt like this release was better reviewed together because of one reason: Alfred Hitchcock. These are some of his earlier films, and they hadn’t yet seen blu-ray release, and yet, there may not have been a major clamoring for them either. It’s true,

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