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Here are the Worst Movies of 2012 according to Screen Invasion writers. The Oscar nominations may have come out today, but the Razzie nominations were announced yesterday.  We at however had our own picks for worst movie of the year.  Take a look! Cat Edison  — V/H/S V/H/S is

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TVWeb Series

One of the best things about television is the variety of content and subject matter that is available for consumption. It is so wide-reaching, there are so many channels, genres and series to choose from that pretty much anyone can find something they enjoy. Add to that options like Netflix and Hulu to get caught up on shows you may have missed or as an introduction to new series and there is no end to the possibilities for viewing enjoyment. As it turns out, television in 2012 is so varied that there was little to no agreement on any of our writers’ favorites.

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Best of 2012 Movies

2012 was a great year at the movies, from long-awaited summer sequels to year-end Oscar bait. Established auteurs like Quentin Tarantino, Kathryn Bigelow, and Steven Spielberg padded their impressive résumés, while helmers like Joss Whedon and Rian Johnson realized their next level of potential. James Bond got dark, Emma Watson

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It’s the last episode of 2012 so we’re going all out, bring a hankie! In our end of year bonanza we look at the best and the worst of 2012, give out our annual beard, bear and dog of the year awards and announce this years Box Office or Bust

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