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Over the years, the horror genre has received a reputation of being filled with plot-less, talent-less and  pointless violence and gore. In regards to the artists who have contributed to this genre since it’s inception, we look at a few films that have shaped present-day horror. 1. The Cabinet of Dr.

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The Black Cat is remarkable by being the very first on-screen collaboration of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. I find it only appropriate that the biggest stars of 1930s American horror were both immigrants. If you wonder just how connected they were to the history not just of the genre, but of Hollywood itself, the remark of Sara Karloff (the actor’s daughter) that her father’s car was numbered 9, is illuminating.

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Read part one of my TCM Festival experience here! Saturday was my busiest day at the festival, but also my favorite.  All four movies I viewed were ones I had never seen before, and they were all great! On to the mini-reviews: THE LONGEST DAY (1962) –  I almost skipped

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