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After a prolonged hiatus, The Small Screen Podcast is back with Episode 32. This time around we talk about some of the shows that have been filling the summer lulls including the Olympics, Longmire, Go On, So You Think You Can Dance,  and others. To change things up, we also

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Tyler Labine said Animal Practice isn’t about the monkey, and he’s right — it’s about being unfunny. The show premiered last night, preempting the closing ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics — something that hardly endeared the show to viewers. By the way, you reportedly missed a re-animated Queen Victoria

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Never let it be said that the TV industry doesn’t know how to share. This fall’s lineup of new fodder might sound a little familiar, owing to the fact that it’s lifted from shows that are already smash hits. It’s a way of ensuring success in the dog-eat-dog world of

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I’ve read through all the synopses, examined the cast lists and noted who the assorted creators and writers are, and then, when my preliminary, face value snapshot opinion had almost begun to crystallize, I watched generously cut trailers for shows that I won’t see for another 4 months. Where do

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