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The bond between pet and pet owner is undeniable, even if the most remarkable thing your cat ever did was chase its tail one particularly hyperactive night. So settle down, fetch the popcorn/dog treats, and enjoy some of the greatest pet movies ever made. The Aristocats (1970) The last movie

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What’s the recipe for a happy marriage? If only it were so simple as following a proven formula. While it’s not that easy — human nature is quite the variable — there are some lessons every couple can take away from the best couple on television. If you’re not watching

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TVTV Recaps

The League has quietly come out of the shadow of being behind It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia, and quickly built up quite a huge fan following. It of course helps when the quailty of the show goes up, as The League is an example of a show that simply gets

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Blu-ray and DVDGiveaways

The League is coming back later in October for Season 4, and in preparation for that, we are giving away a copy of Season 3 on Blu-Ray! The season won’t hit the shelves in store until October 9th, but you can get an early copy here! Synopsis: To be a

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