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In his 2010 film The Other Guys, writer/director Adam McKay masked his disgust with the Great Recession and the financial industry in a Will Ferrell comedy. The end credits even came with nifty infographics explaining just how bad greed has gotten in the corporate world.   The message didn’t take. Nobody

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To celebrate the Blu-ray/DVD release of THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY, here’s a list of 7 other films that feature all-star ensemble casts.

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As I posted a couple weeks ago, Anchorman 2 has finally been green lit. After an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Adam McKay gives us reasons why it has taken so long to get the green light and tells a just a hint at the story line. All we know

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HEY EVERYONE! I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! CANONBALLLLLLLLLLLL! Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) himself broke the news tonight on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show on TBS, Conan. Burgundy entered the set with quite a magnificent jazz flute (pronounced yazz flute) solo and then begin his banter with Conan and

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