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Holy Bonus Episode Batman! That’s right! We are back with a BONUS episode of the Damage Control Podcast! In honor of the late, great Adam West we have recorded commentary track for Batman: The Movie, the 1966 movie that was released between seasons 1 and 2 of the legendary Batman

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Batman ’66, the new digital first Batman comic from DC, pulls off a rare feat, earning perfect marks for an experience that can simply be described as “Fun”. Check out our review to find out what makes this book such a treat.

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With The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters tomorrow, it marks the occasion when one single actor was able to play the titular role for three straight movies. In the past, Batman was seen more as a “Bond” character, which meant that different actors played the same role. Of course, older

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A new trailer has been released for the superhero flick Pizza Man, which stars Frankie Muniz as Pizza Man. The synopsis is: Frankie Muniz plays the title character Matt Burns, who works at his mom’s pizzeria while attending college. One day he ends up in the middle of a robbery and is shot,

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