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Action-thrillers don’t get more rote, routine, and derivative than Homefront, the Jason Statham-starring, Sylvester Stallone-scripted, Gary Fleder-directed adaptation of Chuck Hogan’s novel, the first in a series, but most likely the last on the big screen. With Statham doing his Action Hero thing, Homefront promises, but fails to deliver on

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Anchor Bay Films presents upcoming release of HIJACKED, starring UFC legend Randy Couture. A high-octane, pulse-pounding story of one man out for justice in the sky, HIJACKED is coming to Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on July 31. HIJACKED stars a top-notch cast of action heroes including former UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture (The Expendables, and the upcoming

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Because movies need dramatic showdowns and one can only squeeze so many dramatic showdowns into a movie, the trend of dueling Hollywood studio projects exists in order to create meta-dramatic showdowns and Sony has now figuratively cocked its Channing Tatum gun. The Hollywood Reporter reports with far less suggestive imagery

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I love a good movie drinking game. You get to watch a fun movie, hang out with friends, and make a game of it so it’s not just idly sipping your drink. Last week, my friends and I wanted to watch The Rundown, a highly underrated action film, but couldn’t

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