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The CLEOPATRA 50TH ANNIVERSARY Blu-ray™ is a visually-stunning reminder of pre-CGI, cinematic splendor, a must-own for fans, and the ideal format in which to introduce newcomers to this historic classic.

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Blu-ray and DVDMovie ReviewMovies

21 & Over on Blu-ray. It comes from some folks who’ve both made you laugh, and made you cringe in the past. Does this one work it’s charms?

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Recently, 20th Century Fox teamed up with Thnkmodo for an odd viral promotion for the upcoming superhero film Chronicle. The guys from Thinkmodo created RC planes shaped like people and took them for a spin above certain areas of NYC and New Jersey. This video is definitely worth checking out.

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John McClane is one step closer to the big screen again. Today a release date and title has been set by 20th Century Fox for the fifth film in the franchise. The movie will be titled A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD and arrives in theaters on February 14th 2013.

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