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There’s Someone Inside Your House Fantastic Fest Review

Sometimes a movie can be summed up so succinctly a review might not even really be necessary in order for you to get the tone of the film to know exactly what it is you’re going in for. Actress, Sydney Park, the lead of There’s Someone Inside Your House, a YA adaptation from director Patrick Brice (Creep, Creep 2, The Overnight) set to premiere soon on Netflix summed up the film in a Q&A after its premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Tx by using words like ‘John Hughes horror’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ when describing the film and that hit the nail on the head. Given the issues that teens are facing today, with cancel culture, trans awareness, cyberbullying, etc., if John Hughes were still alive, this is the type of film he’d make, and the author of the book, Stephanie Perkins was no doubt influenced by Hughes in some way.

The film begins with a cold open similar to the iconic Scream in which a high school student alone in his home falls asleep before a football game, he’s awakened to find out that someone has photos of a heinous act of homophobia and hazing that he’s committed that he’s seemingly gotten away with after a certain amount of time. He is then attacked by a killer wearing a 3D printed mask of his victim’s face while simultaneously the entire town receives text messages of the incriminating photos. No one’s secrets are safe and from there were are off to the races.

While the cast did a more than capable job as a whole in the film, the lone standout is Sydney Park. She’s had minor to recurring roles in movies like Wish Upon and series like The Walking Dead, but she’s clearly been waiting for her star turn and this film, with a Netflix premiere could be it. While the market for teenage horror might be beginning to get a little saturated, her performance here isn’t one to be missed and There’s Someone Inside Your House could end up being on the higher end of the quality spectrum of the teenage horror genre. Here she plays Makani Young, a recent transfer who prefers her small clique despite her beauty and grace that would easily make her a high school superstar. She’s got a secret, as does the rest of the town, but one that would be very hard for anyone to find out.

There’s Someone Inside Your House won’t be the scariest film you’ll watch in the spooky season of 2021, but if you’re a fan of gore and creative kills (and grew up in the Scream/I Know What You Did Last Summer era of teen horror) this might be a really fun callback. Patrick Brice is someone that really knows horror and anytime his name comes up as the director of the film, it’s one worth seeking out, and this one is no exception.

3.5 out of 5

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