I recently had the chance to watch Silk Road, a new film that was released in theaters and will arrive on Blu-ray and VOD this Tuesday.

The film, written and directed by Tiller Russell, stars Jason Clarke, Nick Robinson, Katie Aselton, Jimmi Simpson, Daniel David Stewart, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Lexi Rabe, Will Ropp, with Paul Walter Hauser, and Alexandra Shipp.

Silk Road is a solid thriller with the perfect blend of technology. As a fan of all of these, I excited to watch the film. The excitement was there for the first portion of the film because of the pacing. There was not enough character development in Silk Road.

I like to believe that Ulbricht started Silk Road with good intentions, but that those intentions were clouded due to the realization that there was a cash cow in front of him. Once the drugs started being the primary item sold on the Silk Road, I think that anyone could not be tempted or at least a little bit tempted to be sucked in by the money.

Technology is something I love, aside from movies. You could call me an early adopter of tech and media. I had zero knowledge of the dark web before hearing about the Silk Road.

Robinson played his role as someone who was lonely and lived vicariously through the internet. Clarke is able to continuously put in commanding performances.

He is able to play the role of someone who has no problem blurring the lines of right and wrong, Not sure that I can blame him. Being around drugs and money as a DEA agent makes it quite tempting I can imagine.

Three words, Paul Walker Hauser. His screen presence and comic timing are always spot on. If you have yet to watch I, Tonya, you will witness one of the best performances of that year. Definitely consider checking out Hauser’s other films and appearances on Cobra Kai.

If you are looking for an action flick, I hope it is pretty obvious, but this ain’t it. The pacing for the majority of the film is very slow, with the exception of the final act.


Inspired by larger-than-life actual events, this riveting crime thriller follows the rise and fall of Silk Road, the infamous darknet site that sent a seismic shock through the World Wide Web. Young, idealistic, and driven to succeed, Ross Ulbricht (Nick Robinson) creates the internet’s first unregulated marketplace: Silk Road. But when it becomes a multimillion-dollar pipeline for illicit drugs, Ross is set on a collision course with Rick Bowden (Jason Clarke), a disreputable and dangerously unpredictable DEA agent, who will use any means necessary to take him down.

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