There are many theories regarding the identity and purpose of LHOHQ. Some belief it to be a hiding place for confidential material. Others think it’s an alternative reality game or a gallery for Avant grade digital art. Whatever it is, LHOHQ is a pretty strange, creepy, and confusing labyrinth that blends conspiracy theories, secret societies, UFOs, politics and so much more.

Exploring the numerous layers of this weird website, we put together a cut and paste collage of deep fake dancing, illegal weapon deals, and the potential hidden agenda of build a bear workshop.

From the exploration of the website, I found several nuggets of possible content for future episodes, from the dramatic exploits and history of Ted Shackley and Edwin Wilson to Bob Dobbs and the Church of the Subgenius. Learn more about the podcast at

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The Author

Mal Foster

Mal Foster

Writer by day, ski mask wearing vigilante by night. I like bears, sarcasm and magic, not necessarily in that order. Rather fond of summer fruits mixed into some kind of refreshing juice, movies, music and videogames. Also I may not be entirely human. Visit my site -