Totallee IPhone 12 Case Review

I know you come to our site for movie reviews, but today I’m sharing my thoughts on the best minimalist iPhone case on the market.

The Totallee cases are super thin, but give you just the right amount protection. Watch my review above and check out some pics and the specs of the cases.


Everyday protection.

Our case keeps your phone looking like new by protecting it from scratches and minor drops. It also features a raised “lip” around the camera to prevent damage to the lenses.

Durable materials.

Our matte case is made with hard, yet flexible, plastic. This is our thinnest option and is best for the ultimate minimalist.

Our transparent case is made with a soft, grippy material which is great for shock absorption.

Minimalistic design.

This case maintains the original look of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. No branding. No bulk. No nonsense.



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