This episode deals with elements that should not be considered taboo in our society but are. If you are easily offended by discussions about sex and pornography, then this is not the episode for you.

I have had the pleasure of connecting with our guest, Una Solitaire on Instagram before OnlyFans was a thing. I have followed this amazing human being and relish this opportunity to get to know her on a personal level.

Listen in as I talk with Una about being a stripper, model, and OnlyFans businesswoman.

Connect With Una:
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The Author

Jim Napier

Jim Napier

Jim has been a self-proclaimed super geek ever since he got his first computer all the way back in 1992– and he has been ‘plugged in’ ever since. Fed by a steady diet of movies as a kid, he has expanded to new platforms to fuel his inner geek! Movies continue to feed Jim’s creative side, while technology is constantly changing and creating new toys that woo and draw him in!