Attention to all student filmmakers!

The Concordia Film Festival (CFF) is getting ready for its upcoming 48th edition in 2021, and submissions are currently open! Recognized as the largest and oldest student-run film festival in North America, the CFF screens many outstanding short films made by amazingly talented student filmmakers around the world.

After successfully having its 47th edition online on Twitch due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the team is currently working really hard for its next one, and I already know that it’s going to be amazing. With the new co-directors Vincenzo Nappi and Lana Chammas in charge of the fest, it will certainly be something that you don’t want to miss out on next year.

As a former student at Concordia University, it holds a special place in my heart when I used to be a programmer for the VISIONS and LIGHTS OUT sections of the fest. They also have other sections that might pique your interest such as CANADIAN FICTION, INSIGHT and KALEIDOSCOPE. So if you’re a student filmmaker looking for an awesome fest to submit your short, be sure to keep the CFF in mind! It’s truly a great way for your work to be seen by a passionate audience filled with cinephiles.

In the meantime, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram if you wish to stay updated.

Also, check out this awesome trailer from their previous edition, which gives you a better idea of what the Concordia Film Festival is like!

More info can be found here:

Documentary: Spotlight on Documentary Films, which is a section devoted to all films that depict real-life people/situations/events. No Mockumentary films will be accepted into this section.

Experimental: Spotlight on Experimental Films, which is a section devoted to those films that do things a little differently, and experiment with the form of cinema.

Lights Out: Spotlight on Midnight Movies, which is a section devoted to genre films. If your student film is a Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, or just plain weird, feel free to submit to this section!

Visions: Spotlight on Underrepresented Voices, which is a section devoted to those groups who feel that the voices of their community have been underrepresented in the mainstream.

Canadian Fiction: Spotlight on National Fiction Films, which is a section devoted to discovering the best student short films that Canada has to offer! If you live in Canada feel free to submit your short to this section.

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