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Holidate Movie Review

Romantic Comedies are usually incredibly predictable. They involve two people falling in love with a recycled storyline that sometimes has a holiday setting. Occasionally, you’ll see something new added, but it’s almost always the same. Holidate tries to change it up with a newer storyline that is pretty fun and works. 

Holidate stars Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Kristin Chenoweth, Alex Moffat, Manish Dayal, Jessica Capshaw, Jack Manley, King Bach, Dan Lauria and more. It’s directed by John Whitesell and written by Tiffany Paulsen


Holidate Spoilery stuff ahead!

The idea of finding a date to take with you to every life event, including holidays, is an exciting idea. Probably crazy as well, but definitely a little exciting. 

Holidate follows two strangers, one woman and one man, who struggle in their love lives. (Especially during the holidays). They both end up single at the same time and meet each other on a random day in a line at a clothing store. They’ll eventually end up agreeing to be each other’s dates for the entire year for every holiday and important event. Throughout the movie they start falling in love with each other. In the end, of course, they end up together. 

PSA! This movie is filled with inappropriate language. It’s definitely not for kids. 

Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey have nice chemistry that is really fun to watch develop throughout the movie. Here’s to Bracey finally getting more recognition because he is a great actor and delivers a terrific performance. 

Kristin Chenoweth might just be the MVP of this film. Her character is completely over the top, wild, crazy, hilarious and the one who mentions holidating. But even though the character is wild, she’s very human, has a lot of growth and wants to find love, even if she doesn’t show it. Chenoweth’s performance catches us off guard in the most incredible way. The other supporting cast have great performances as well. 

The direction is done really well. Whitesell was able to transition between each holiday during the year in a way that doesn’t seem messy at all. 

This movie is a solid addition to everyone’s romantic comedy collections. It’ll become a staple in your holiday movie binge watching as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a Holidate someday and fall in love. 


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