Halloween Costumes, Horror Movies, and what type of Candy The Dude would give out on Halloween night are all topics of discussion on this week’s episode of The Dude Abides Podcast.

In case you are wondering what or who an El Duderino is, check out this scene from The Big Lebowski.


We talk about our favorite Halloween costumes. 

Dave dressed up like the kid from Up, and you can see the proof below.

I dressed up as Gumby when I was 17. The evidence has been burnt.

Horror movies are a great part of Halloween for us, so we talk about our favorite horror/scary movies. 

Dave really digs The Sixth Sense and A Nightmare on Elm Street scared the shit out of me as a kid.

Finally, we discuss what type of candy The Dude would give out on Halloween. What do you think? Would it be full-size candy bars, regular candy bars, or floss?

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Jim Napier

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