Wow. That’s the main reaction I felt to varying degrees throughout the film.

The film is about a newlywed couple who’s relationship begins to mysteriously deteriorate after paranoia sets in during an experiment they’re part of.

The majority of the film you will find heavy suspense and a nice dose of thrills. There are shiny very unsettling moments that were difficult for me to watch. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that in many cases it’s not always how much you see.

I made the mistake of watching this with my wife. I joke because it was actually a movie she loved.

This suspenseful thriller was a great time. Be sure to put away your phone while you watch, unless you want to have to continually rewatch sections.

I’m a huge fan of technology and love when it’s done well in a movie. The Honeymoon Phase definitely blends reality with future treasuries to make a unique story that’s certain to entertain.

Film Synopsis:

Down on their luck and needing some quick cash, struggling young lovers Tom and Eve lie about their relationship in order to enter THE MILLENNIUM PROJECT, an experiment for married couples run by the mysterious Director and Handler. With the promise of $50,000,Tom and Eve must survive 30-days isolated together in a futuristic smart home, while the researchers attempt to determine why couples fall out of love.

Over the course of their stay, Eve begins a violent decent into madness as she questions if her lover really is the man she thinks he is.

A paranoid sci-fi thriller about the nature of trust in relationships, The HoneymoonPhase is as much classic Twilight Zone as contemporary Black Mirror, and an all-too-terrifying answer to the question, “How well can you ever really know someone?”

Dark Sky Films proudly announces the September 29th release of THEHONEYMOON PHASE on Blu-ray and DVD.

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