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Powerleveling vs Purchasing Accounts OSRS

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If you’re looking to rapidly accelerate the progress of your account in Old School RuneScape, look no further than this article! At times, players do not wish to engage in the same old grind of skills they don’t enjoy. You’d rather participate in the content that you actually have joy playing. Or, you’re looking into alternative accounts, and need some assistance with the training. After all, there are literally hundreds of combinations of PvP accounts that work for different types of playstyles.

You really only have two options to speed up any progress, which is Powerleveling or purchasing accounts.

What is Powerleveling?

Powerleveling is the process of handing your account to a professional trainer. Any service offered to you will be able to train your account on, essentially, a 24/7 basis. There will be someone training your account at all hours of the day, and they’ll be doing optimal methods. However, even with optimal methods, you cannot expect them to get you from 1-99 overnight: the time still has to go into the process.

So, you’re unable to play on your account whilst they’re training it. These services typically only offer manual training. If they are using bots, there is a chance that Jagex can detect botting activity and ban your entire account. To further lower your ban rates, they will often use VPNs/proxies and can mirror your country. There are only a handful of cases of bans to ever have occurred from powerleveling, and the industry constantly learns from them and adapts their processes.

However, you will be trusting the service to log-on to your account. To verify the authenticity of the service, it’s best to check their reviews on multiple different platforms: Sythe and TrustPilot are some example sources. If they’ve been operating for years, and have positive reviews, you’ll usually be fine. With that said, there’s absolutely no reason to keep wealth in your account for the duration of the training process. You should move any wealth (gold AND valuable items) to another account for safety purposes, and transfer it back after. Before and after the process, you should change your password.

Be sure to check out Food4RSS for the best OSRS powerleveling services on the market!

Should I just purchase an account?

Purchasing an account can be a better option than powerleveling. Most accounts sold are for PvP though. You don’t get to customise the skills you’d like, or the quests/diaries, you simply buy the account in whatever state it is advertised to be.

Buying accounts is a fantastic way to try out different PvP builds. However, if you buy an account from an untrusted buyer, you can easily get scammed. The original account owner will always be able to recover the account from your possession: as they have the oldest information used for account creation, from ISP to payment details for memberships. It’s best to buy accounts from websites that create accounts to be sold or seek a highly trusted seller.

The other thing is that you’re obviously losing the progress on your current account. If you have 99 Ranged, 99 Magic, but want 99 Defence, it’s not really worth buying an account, as you’ve made a significant deal of progress already. On the other hand, through purchasing an account, there are zero risks of your main account being banned.



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