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How much real life money you can make playing OSRS

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Whilst many people do not realise this, playing Old School RuneScape can be a great form of supplemental income.

If you’re looking to sell Old School RuneScape gold, the market rates fluctuate quite heavily.

As you progress your character in Old School RuneScape, you can expect to have access to better methods. If you’re not at a very high level, it’s better to hold off making money temporarily. This is so that you can access better money-making methods. Sticking to a low-level method isn’t worth over the long-term.

One interesting method of generating money is by killing Green Dragons.  You can do this at quite low levels, as low as 60 Ranged and 60 Defence. However, having 25 Prayer is certainly helpful as it allows you to protect items. The downside of using this method is that you’re at risk of being attacked by Player Killers. With that said, by wearing d’hide armour, you really won’t be risking much. The limitation is that Green Dragons can only be accessed within the wilderness.

As you gain more experience, you’ll quickly be able to fend off player killers. The key is to not engage in any losing battle: this means teleporting out is always the best option. Furthermore, you should pick worlds that have a medium population. Low and highly populated worlds are frequently switched between by player killers.

You will have to risk some supplies: antifire potions (if you opt to use melee), an anti-dragon shield, an amulet of glory, or a grand seed pod to quickly teleport away. The best way to teleport into the wilderness is by using a Burning amulet. If you’re very high-level, you could also consider doing Lava Dragons, but these are highly contested by player killers. Lava Dragons do provide around 1 million per hour and are directly accessible through the Burning amulet. Whilst using Melee is a valid approach to fight Green Dragons, the issue is armor like Rune can retail for 130,000 GP and higher. Whereas Black D’hide, or lower-tier armor, can net you in the thousands. You will also want to bring some food. Having 43 Prayer is very helpful in case you get teleblocked, as you can negate absolutely all damage if you choose the correct protection prayer. With that said – protection prayers against expert player killers takes time to master, but just by trying, you’ll do better than most players.

From Green Dragons you can expect to make around 500,000 gold per hour if you’re competent and fast. You can actually fight Green Dragons on multiple accounts at once. Why would you do so, you might ask? This is because training a Green Dragons account is fairly simple, it doesn’t mandate high stats or having completed a thousand quests to get access to certain areas. In other words, you don’t have to complete prerequisite quests for other quests and get many high skill levels. Furthermore, the fight between each Green Dragon is very simple, as they pose no significant mechanics, aside from using fire and claw attacks against you.

As such, the sky’s the limit in regards to how much you can make. Green Dragons is one example method that isn’t saturated and can’t ever be saturated. You can find better methods, or even just follow that one. The exact rate you’ll make will depend on current market rates which can fluctuate. If you’re able to sell for around $1 USD per million (at the high-peaks), you can easily make $10 or more per hour by utilizing multiple accounts for Green Dragons.

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