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Benefits of Buying OSRS Gold – Maximise the fun of Old School RuneScape

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Old School RuneScape is a game for providing a lot of fun, whilst also providing a lot of grind. By purchasing OSRS gold, you can maximise the fun! This article will explore how you can do that and provide some examples.

For example, if you wish to conquer Zulrah, it’s an achievable and attainable goal for many low-medium end players. It’s not Inferno level, but it’s something you strive for and provides millions of GP per hour. Most importantly, it provides a ton of fun!

To get to Zulrah, you have a ton of expensive gear to access it. To even reach it, you have to do Regicide: as such, there are many quest and skill requirements. To quickly level up your skills, you can buy gold which allows you to level up your skills faster. By purchasing gold, you can also buy Ahrim’s robes, Toxic blowpipe, Trident of the Seas, and Armadyl armour. As to do Zulrah effectively, Void armour is the cheapest (but takes hours to grind towards) but isn’t as good as a gear switch. You’ll want to defeat the boss as quickly as possible if you desire the pet, or just want to gain a lot of loot, or perhaps a high kill count.

To maximise the fun, you want to spend the least amount of time doing skills you don’t enjoy. This is done by prioritising experience per hour methods, rather than gold per hour methods. If you’re Runecrafting for example, you can hire assistance that ‘runs’ essence for you.

Crafting isn’t the most fun of content. It’s not really bossing or using your mind to solve quests that require judgement. It’s very plain content. Crafting Black D’hides will charge you 8 GP for each experience point, whereas an Air battlestaff will charge you 4 GP per experience point. However, we’re talking about 258 experience per item versus 138 experience. The Black D’hide body costs more than double but provides more than double the experience. You will require a large amount of capital to fund the crafting, and you also won’t make the money back. But many quests, such as Dragon Slayer 2 which also unlocks Vorkath, require a high level of Crafting. This is because Dragon Slayer 2 has many prerequisite quests, and also has a barrier of 200 quest points to even begin the quest.

Many times, you’ll be locked out of doing certain methods without having a certain amount of startup capital. You’ll be forced to be doing slow methods.

Prioritizing experience at the expense of gold is always the best option for any content you absolutely don’t enjoy. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting hundreds, if not thousands of hours, doing content that you really want to avoid. Even doing Zulrah as a money making method, whether or not you make 5 million gold per hour, isn’t really good enough. This is because many items cost billions, your player-owned house can cost hundreds of millions GP to furnish. Skills like Construction and Prayer cost hundreds of millions in training alone. As you can never have enough money, and can never really make enough gold, it’s highly recommended to buy OSRS gold from a trusted source. You can find a list of the best OSRS gold sites on GameZod!

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