Top 10 80’s Nostalgia Movies Streaming Now

With everyone working from home for the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fun we’ve become so accustomed to as adults has worn thin. And, since 2020 doesn’t really seem like our best year, why not hop back in time to a better time?

If you’ve got a sweet spot for all things relating to big hair, John Hughes, and Madonna-style mesh wear, you’ll love the 80’s movies we have in store for you that are available on a variety of streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, DISH Network On-Demand, Frontier Video On-Demand and more.

The Breakfast Club – Amazon & Hulu

A classic 80’s movie courtesy of John Hughes, this film captures what it’s like to be a teenager who is sick of following the rules of adults. When five teenagers from different high school cliques wind up in the same Saturday morning detention, they could not be more unenthused about spending the day sitting in silence together. As they each face their own inner battles, however, they grow closer in a strange way until they realize that they have so much more in common than they had ever thought possible.

Desperately Seeking Susan – Amazon Prime

Madonna stars in this quirky film about a lonely, bored housewife named Roberta who obsessively reads the personal ads, specifically the ones relating to someone named Susan. When she discreetly shows up to one of the meeting places from the paper, she hits her head and suffers a temporary memory loss that makes her believe she is Susan. Unfortunately for her, the real Susan was involved with some dangerous people, and now Roberta is trying to remember what happened while living a brand-new life.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Amazon, Netflix, & Hulu

Ferris is a loveable but mischievous high school senior who’s just trying to fit in one more day of fun before graduation. Playing hooky isn’t as easy as he thinks though once his strict principal sets out to catch Ferris skipping school. While dodging the principal, his sister, and even his father, Ferris along with his best friend and girlfriend live out one unforgettable day in Chicago.

Coming To America – Amazon

Prince Akeem is less than thrilled when his parents try to force him into an arranged marriage. Unhappy with the life they have planned for him, he leaves his wealthy country with his servant and arrives in America with a mission to fall in love and marry someone of his choosing. He disguises himself as a poor student, works in a fast-food restaurant, and falls in love with the owner’s daughter, who he must eventually come clean with about who he really is.

Dirty Dancing – Amazon & Hulu

Baby is spending one last summer with her family before leaving for the Peace Corps, but she doesn’t expect to fall in love with the handsome dance instructor, Johnny, who teaches at the resort in the Catskills where she is staying. When Baby must fill in for Johnny’s partner, these two people from completely different backgrounds begin a secret relationship that threatens to tear apart both of their worlds.

Heathers – Amazon & Hulu

A dark and witty comedy, Heathers looks at teen popularity in a whole new way with a focus on a group of snobby, rich girls – all named Heather, of course, except for one. The non-Heather, Veronica, gets the courage confront the leader of her clique with her new boyfriend when they accidentally poison her. To avoid punishment, they fake the girl’s suicide. This cycle continues until Veronica realizes that her boyfriend is a sadistic killer who wants to rid their high school of the popular kids that he hates.

Sixteen Candles – Amazon Prime

Samantha wakes up on her 16th birthday only to realize that her entire family has completely forgotten about it. In fact, the only person who pays much attention to her all day is a nerdy boy whose conquests she must ward off while she quietly pines for an older boy who is dating one of the most popular girls in school. Between dodging her grandparents’ foreign exchange student and avoiding the commotion surrounding her sister’s wedding, Samantha does her best to make it through the day.

Fame – Amazon Prime

If you love musical theatre numbers, you’ll love this 1980 classic film that follows a group of teenagers from different cities who all arrive at a performance arts academy in New York City. While these teens navigate the new world that they are trying to make it into as stars, other issues get in their way and make reaching the top even more difficult.

E.T. – Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t love cute and charming aliens? In this Steven Spielberg classic, a young boy and his sister take in an alien who has stranded himself on Earth and needs to get back home. When the government learns of this new life hiding out in an American suburb, they capture E.T. to try and study him, until the young boy takes the biggest risk of his life to get E.T. home.

The Princess Bride – Amazon Prime

One of the most quotable of all 80’s movies, The Princess Bride is told by a grandfather to his sick grandson. In the storybook, a beautiful princess’ one true love dies tragically, after which she is taken as a fiance to an evil lord of a nearby kingdom. When her love unexpectedly shows up alive, the two must escape the lord and his henchmen so they can finally be together in peace.

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