The Most Impactful Horror Movies With Terrifying Basements

There are many horror movies that have made an impact on the greater world of film. Although many people brush off horror movies, thinking of them as nothing but low-level slasher films, horror movies can actually be just as artistically inclined as movies from any other genre. Terror can even make the artistic features of a movie more prominent. Here are a few horror movies with terrifying basements that made a significant impact on the general world of film.

The Exorcist

During the initial release of The Exorcist, people were truly horrified of the contents of the film. Rumors spread of terrifying things like people utilizing “barf bags” and even a woman having a miscarriage while watching. Though the terror of the movie is genuinely pretty significant, the basement doesn’t feed into it that much. Twelve-year-old Regan finds a Ouija board in the basement, which kick-starts the movie.


The bulk of this movie takes place in one location between two people. The psychological thriller element of the movie had a huge impact on the conception of horror and thriller movies in the public psyche, with the artistic value of the movie playing a huge part in it. One of the main characters uses the damp basement to keep the other from calling for help.

A Quiet Place

With The Quiet Place, many people realized that a masterful story could be told with very few spoken words. The characters in the movie speak largely with American Sign Language, as the monsters in the movie use sound to hunt. That’s one of the reasons they have a soundproof basement, which quickly becomes compromised when a pipe bursts in the basement.


Though the terror of Parasite definitely rings through, it’s not necessarily what made it so great. Parasite is an incredible feat of cinematic accomplishment, and that’s one of the reasons it was the first foreign language film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. The main family lives in a sunken basement apartment, which sets up the class struggle that forms the main horror of the story.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Though The Rocky Horror Picture Show wasn’t necessarily a huge critical success, that actually hasn’t lessened its societal impact. It’s a gigantic cult classic, with many people going to watch this movie at theatres every Halloween. Basements make a pretty significant appearance in the movie, as Dr. Frank-N-Furter has a laboratory in the basement of a British castle.


Chances are, you’ve seen something referencing or riffing off Psycho even if you’ve never actually watched Psycho. That’s because it was a huge player in the early world of movies. There are a number of extremely horrifying moments in Psycho, and one of the most well-known moments is when the main character enters Norman Bates’ fruit cellar, where she finds his mother’s mummified corpse.

Get Out

The world of Get Out revolves almost entirely around crafting tropes, then intentionally subverting those tropes. The movie not only offers a variety of interesting and horrifying moments, but it also intentionally offers some racial commentary. In one unforgettable scene, the main character goes into the basement, where he undergoes hypnosis and goes to the Sunken Place.

The Silence of the Lambs

Of all the movies on this list, The Silence of the Lambs almost certainly has the most terrifying basement. The serial killer Hannibal, who is one of the main characters in this movie, is now a cultural phenomenon. The other main serial killer from the movie, Buffalo Bill, traps women in a dry well in his basement, then kills and skins them.


Horror movies often don’t get the love they might deserve, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t had a serious impact on the world of film. Many horror movies offer a truly artistic experience, even outside the horrifying moments they offer. These movies have made an impact on the world of film in one way or another, and that’s one of the reasons they’re great for your next movie night.

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