Totallee Releases S20 Slim Cases Prior to Launch

I have used Totallee products for years for both my iPhone and Samsung products. They are thin, but actually give you just the right amount of protection from small drops. I have dropped my phone off of my desk and chair and have not had a scratch on the back or the screen.

I strongly recommend having a screen protector on your phone regardless of the case you have. They have been the main lifesaver for all of my drops. While I have cracked my screen protector, my phone screen has been fine.

These S2o cases are pocket-friendly, slim and lightweight Galaxy cases for an extra layer of protection.

Totallee has a track record of releasing correct cases pre-launch for the past 6 years. They’re so confident that they have the cases right again that they’re offering our customers a money back guarantee on all pre-orders.

Totallee S20 Specs:

  • .02″ Thin for Matte and .03″ Thin for Clear
  • .1oz light
  • Branding free
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Camera protection

Check out some more photos below:

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Jim Napier

Jim Napier

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