I love phone cases. One of my favorite things to do is switch up the case I am using on my phone because it makes me feel as though I have an entirely new phone. All told I have about 10 different cases for my phone. Overkill you say. Perhaps.

I have used a variety of different cases, Totallee, Urban Armor Gear, and even the official Apple case. I have used a number of Peel cases so when I saw that they had released a new Strong Grip case for the iPhone I just had to give it a try.

The Strong Grip case is basically exactly like their minimalist thin case, only thicker. It is basically an alternative to the official Apple case without any exterior branding.

I like this case a lot, it is the perfect mix of style and protection. If you are looking for a case that has minimalist lines with a nice silicone exterior. The case just feels wonderful in your hands. The price is right at $29, especially compared to the Apple case costs.

If you are looking for a minimal case with a little extra grip, then the Strong Grip case from Peel is the perfect choice for your iPhone.

Strong Grip iPhone 11 Case Specs

Powerful Grip

Crafted from silicone and more substantial than our Original Super Thin Case, this case is designed to improve grip on your device while in use.

Strong & Sleek

Designed for active minimalists, our new case fits like a wetsuit, hugging every curve while providing increased protection against the demands of an actively used phone.


We believe minimalism is beautiful, that’s why we chose to hide our logo inside our new Strong Grip Case leaving you and your phone to make your own statement.

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