How to Play Slots for Free

It’s hard to think of anything better than the rush of excitement you get from playing slots, and when you win big it’s the real cherry on top. But you know what can make your gambling experience even better? Getting to play slots entirely for free – check them out at Wizard Slots. It may seem too good to be true, but there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to not only help you play slots for free, but sometimes even win money too. 

Free Spin Games

The easiest way to play slots for free is through the use of online casino websites that offer easy games that can be played just for fun. Now on these types, no real bet is placed so players can’t win back any money. However, they’re perfect if you just want to sit back and relax whilst playing a few slot games to pass the time. Or even if you prefer to get a little warm up in before you start on the real deal. 

Sign up Bonuses

After a while of giving those free online games a go, you might find yourself hungry for a little more. You’ve got the practice in so what’s next? Winning money of course. The explosion of the Internet meant that there are now thousands of online gambling websites to choose from. It’s impossible to try out every one and so developers need to do a lot to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways they get you to do this is through the use of exclusive sign up bonuses. Websites vary but some can offer such enticing deals, it makes it hard to say no.  One to look out for is free credit for new members. Once a new user creates a website account, they can be rewarded with in some cases up to £30 pounds worth of free spins. Any money you win this way is completely yours to cash out and better yet, you are essentially playing online slots for free.   

Membership Rewards

Now you’ve had a bit of practice and joined several new and exciting casino websites to take advantage of that sign up offer, how can you carry on playing slots for free? Well this is where all players should take advantage of every membership reward and bonus available. Most often they include at least free daily spins and cashback for specific games. Just 5 free spins each day doesn’t sound like much but over time it can really add up, especially if a player is a member of multiple online sites. Cash back for specific games isn’t as common as free spins but is still a reward that definitely pays off and saves you money.

So now you know our top three tips for playing online slots for free and you’re ready to get out there. As always remember to bet sensibly and most importantly – have fun!

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