Charlie’s Angels Movie: Interesting Facts

The recent revival of Charlie’s Angels has brought this title back to public attention and has triggered a new wave of comparisons between older versions and current ones. Some argue that the new attempt is subpar compared to the spectacular movie from 2000 due to the clunky script and incoherent action. Whatever the reason, it is obvious that the movie has been received with only a fraction of the enthusiasm characteristic for the 2000 title and was perhaps even overlooked by many as yet another inevitable relaunch.

In part, the reviews might be poor not because the current movie is particularly bad but because it is a true challenge to continue a legend. To some extent, it is even dangerous to mess with the nostalgia of the movie’s fans 20-year later. It is probably much easier to make a sequel to a recent movie compared with a 20-year-old one, especially if the latter was very successful – the expectations in the latter case are exceedingly high. For younger generations of readers, it is worth reminding that the 2000 movie is itself an update of the 1970’s TV show, so the story goes back to ancient times in cinematography terms. Below, we review Charlie’s Angels movie interesting facts trying to honor the 2000 cinematic phenomenon.

Fun and Curious Facts Related to the Movie, the Actors, and the Filming Process

Have you ever wondered what was the secret language used by the Angels occasionally? Well, it was Finnish – a very spoiled version of Finnish, given that the actors seemed to have serious trouble with it. Judging by pronunciation, Drew Barrymore (Dylan) did the best job of learning her Finnish homework. She could have also done the best job at predicting the movie’s success, given that she bought the screen rights for the 1976 series of Charlies Angels – this earned her an estimated forty million dollars for the first movie.

Remember the moment when Dylan descends from a hill almost naked at a house where two boys play a video game – the house is the same as in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – there is even a poster with the movie on one of the walls. This is no coincidence given that this is one of Drew Barrymore’s first movies.

The role of Alex has been declined by several actresses for various reasons. One of them is Angelina Jolie, who mentioned that she is not a great fan of the series. Castings with Thandie Newton were started but she had to leave prematurely because of extended shootings of Mission Impossible II, so the role was finally given to Lucy Liu, who did a great job.

Did you notice that Charlie’s Angels don’t use guns, unlike the bad characters in the movie? Well, it turns out Drew Barrymore (who was also a producer) insisted that the Angels fight without any guns. This came at a price though – they had to practice martial arts for three full months, eight hours a day, five days a week. Regrets aside, the Angels have been paid fairly decently for their efforts. Cameron Diaz was paid $12 million for her role, compared to $9 million for Drew Barrymore and $1 million for Lucy Liu.

When studying arts in college, chances are you’ll focus on cinematography as well or at least, you’ll get movie-related assignments, including pop-culture movies. Analyzing the Charlie’s Angels movie is interesting primarily because it depicts the spirit of the time – what was considered normal and mainstream back then could be faced with criticism nowadays (for instance, the overly sexual depiction of women). If you face particularly challenging writing tasks based on this or other movies, you could contract an affordable essay writing service that might help perform an in-depth critical analysis of the proposed movie title. It could explore the predominant themes, similarities to other works, the social and historical background, but also the filming strategies and techniques, the script, the director’s role, etc.

Get Ready for New Charlie’s Angels

One can find many more curiosities in addition to Charlie’s Angels interesting facts listed above. Some have to do with how often the script has been rewritten (at least 30 times), how many writers were involved (18) and even with conflicts that happened while filming. There were even ongoing relationships between actors – for instance, between Drew Barrymore and Tom Green, who played Chad.

While it is curious to learn all these details, I know people who don’t care about the personal lives of actors or the filmmaking process. Moreover, they intentionally avoid such information because they want to keep fiction separated from reality. In other words, they don’t want the reality (with all its complexity and sometimes deception) to intrude into the movie. One might be more keen to distinguish reality from fiction when watching movies based on non-fiction books, but when it comes to movies like Charlie’s Angels, it is best to let yourself caught in the vibrant imaginary world it creates. Will the new movie cover all of it? Let’s find out on the premier on November 15th!


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