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Casinos, since their proper official inception around the 17th Century in Venice, have been one of humanity’s most prized aspects. People just love to gamble, and casinos remain one of the only sites where you can do this completely legally, transparently, and without the worry of being shafted by a dodgy dealer.

Casinos have also done wonders for local and regional economies across the world, with some places such as Las Vegas and Macau pretty much building their whole financial framework around them. With so much money on offer people are always keen to include as many different types of games in their casino as possible – read on for a summary of some of these variants and some of them are found at


Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games still being played today, and much of this is down to its simplicity and intuitiveness. In fact, many kids actually play a rudimentary form of Blackjack against each other at school, only without the gambling element of course, that would be very irresponsible indeed.

The aim of the game is quite simply to get as close to 21 as possible with your hand, however it you go over this number you will bust and automatically lose. Blackjack is always played against the dealer meaning it is also perfectly suited to online casino too, both as a fully computerized game and live one.


Is it possible to not love the Roulette wheel? We’re not so sure, and plenty of people would agree here. You just cannot beat the dynamism and excitement of watching the ball fly around the wheel, let alone the feeling of pure exultation when your bet comes in. It is a very simple game, but once you get into the specifics of it Roulette can be fascinatingly complex.

How it works is like this: you place your bet on the betting table (usually a number or two), and then the dealer will spin the wheel in one direction, whilst placing the ball in the other. Now all is left is to watch the physical manifestation of fate do its work – whatever value the ball finally lands on is the winner!


Poker has long been attributed as one of the most sophisticated and challenging casino games, often played on a table against at least four other players. Some of the richest gamblers in the world have amassed their fortunes through a particular skill at the game, something that relies heavily on bluffing and reading people’s facial expressions.

There is no wonder Poker is so popular amongst people, especially with its rather glamorous portrayal in films such as Casino Royale from the James Bond series. There are various variants of the game so be careful, each has slightly differing rules.

Slot Machines

Like we would forget the slots? Nowadays these wonderful machines account for a large portion of casino floor space, especially in Las Vegas where they are by far the most popular. Yeah you can play online slots from the comfort of your own home, but the experience does not come with the tangibility that you get on physical state machines – something that is very hard to beat.


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