How MMORPGs Can Help You Find Yourself

Around 211 million Americans play video games, and more than half of them play the same game on multiple platforms. On average, gamers spend about 12 hours a week playing. Although gaming for such a long period of time may seem extreme, those with depression and anxiety find it relaxing. The sense of community that can form around gaming also helps them to avoid feeling isolated.

What Are MMORPGs?

If you aren’t familiar with the acronym MMORPG, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. These are online games that typically take place in a fantasy world. Players create their own characters, choose skill sets, and can even work together to meet the objective of the game.

Not every multiplayer game is an MMORPG. Just because you can play along with other people doesn’t mean it is also an role-playing game(RPG). The best way to identify an MMORPG is the ability to create your own game character.

Because players create their own characters in these games, they are able to forge a virtual life they have complete control over. Believe it or not, this type of gaming can help people through rough patches in their lives.

Existential Crises and Gaming

Existential crisis has almost become a joke over the years. Just about everyone has had a chuckle about a man going through his midlife crisis by buying a sports car or doing something crazy. More recently, attention has been turned to the quarter-life crisis. You could be in your mid-20s and early 30s feeling the pressure of an existential crisis as well.

At this point in life, many people are trying to decide what direction to take their lives and may even be starting families. Sometimes, turning to video games can help you cope with the pressures in your everyday life. It can help you step back and examine yourself and make you feel more centered.

One Reddit user discussed a difficult period of his life and how games taught him about life. He stated that games like Dark Souls and Hollow Knight helped them see that it’s important that you always get back up, even if it doesn’t seem like you can.

Your Entire Community in the Palm of Your Hand

If you’re going through a quarter-life or mid-life crisis and find yourself spending more time playing games, you may notice you’re also spending more time on your phone. Some RPGs can be accessed via a smartphone the same way you can stream videos and television.

Those of you who prefer playing on a desktop or on a traditional game console can usually still get updated and interact with the game’s community on your phone as well. PlayStation 4 players, for instance, can get messages straight to their phones. This makes it easy to communicate with your virtual friends and other gamers. You can plan out a time to get on and play together or chat about strategy.

This developments in technology have put the gamer community in the palms of everyone’s hands. You can build relationships with other people playing the game and unplug from the stresses of everyday life. Whatever may be stressing you out goes away when you turn back into your character. Having additional support from your virtual friends and being able to connect with them can make you feel more at peace with your own life.

Building Virtual Relationships

On top of the benefits to your own mental health, MMORPGs can provide a platform to connect with other like-minded people. Not only do your taste in video games match, but oftentimes, you’ll find you have the same opinions about other things as well. Some of them even eventually begin interacting through real-life communication tools, like texting, email, and sometimes snail mail.

People have been able to make lifelong friendships with individuals they connected with via MMORPGs. This is especially true for people who are typically shy or have trouble making friends in real life. Individuals who have trouble socially may find it easier to interact with others and generate friendships.

That’s not to say all gamers only interact with each other virtually. In some cases, people have even found a new partner through video games. One woman wound up relocating to Germany from Massachusetts after meeting her husband playing an online game. After she traveled there for a large meet up with fellow gamers, she and her husband really hit it off. They’ve now been together 20 years.

The connections she made while playing the game changed her entire life for the better. If you happen to forge these kinds of deep connections, it’s important to establish clear boundaries for intimacy before moving to the next level in their relationship.

An MMORPG offers up more than any online dating site could. Most online dating apps and websites have around one million visitors, on average. In 2014, World of Warcraft, one of the most popular MMORPGs, surpassed 10 million subscribers. Talk about having a huge pool of potential!

For many people, finding an MMORPG they like playing can lead to finding themselves and finding others like them. These games can be life-changing for many of the players.

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