Pros And Cons Of Watching Network Television

With online streaming and the skyrocketing prices of network television, many households are opting to cut the cord. The television has been since 1928 but they were only installed in a few homes at that time. Of course, it didn’t take long for manufacturers to create a television set that was affordable. By 1981, the color television was available and everybody had to have one. Contrary to belief, watching television has many advantages for adults and children. The pros and cons of watching network television are listed in the article below.


There are many series airing on network television that have educational content. These shows range from cartoons to documentaries, all of which consist of educational content. You can watch TV and learn how wild animals survive in the harsh winter months and more about the wildlife food chain.  You can turn to the History channel and learn about the past wars, historical figures, and the Bible. There really isn’t much that you cannot learn about when watching TV.

Stay Up-To-Date On The Happenings

You can always rely on television to stay-up-to-date on what is happening around the world. National media channels, such as CNN, BBC, ABC, and FOX, continuously air the news. These channels also have discussion panels that offer insight into how the analysts view specific topics. These are very interesting shows that many enjoy watching because they offer different opinions, some that you may even agree with.


No one can deny that television is entertaining. There is no end to the list of television series that are airing on the tube right this moment. You have the option of watching cartoons, the news, live criminal trials, soap operas, home design shows, and standup comedy. Whatever your heart desires to watch, you will find it on network television.

Some people listen to the television while they are cleaning the house, doing laundry, and eating lunch. These individuals find the noise pleasant because they do not like to listen to the silence of a quiet house. Whatever the case may be, watching TV is very entertaining. When you are not watching TV, you can play games online at websites like

Negative Impact

Like the advantages, watching television also has some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is exposure to explicit content. There are many sitcoms and other shows that contain graphic content. Unfortunately, the networks do nothing to keep this content out of the hands of young children. They will air shows with graphic content all hours of the day. When parents would prefer to have these shows aired after their children are in bed.

Shows with crime, violence, and sex have a negative impact on children and adults. When kids watch shows with this type of material, they will oftentimes try to mimic the characters. They will display violent or aggressive behavior. It is up to parents to monitor what their children are watching on network television.

Poor Grades

Children who spend too much time watching television will oftentimes struggle in school. Their grades are much lower than children who do not watch a lot of television. The experts believe that parents should limit the time their children watch TV. Only three hours a day is what most experts believe is suitable for children who attend grade and middle schools.


People who spend a lot of time watching television are at risk of becoming antisocial. Isolating yourself in your home, watching television is not healthy. There are health risks involved in this type of behavior as well. While watching television is beneficial, too much time spent on the activity is unhealthy. Television should not be utilized to substitute family and friends. Everyone needs to interact with other people at least several hours a day.


There are many advantages to watching network television. There are shows that offer DIY tips for home design, investing money, managing finances, budgeting, and staying fit. Unfortunately, the activity also comes with a few disadvantages as well. While it is okay to watch TV if you are feeling lonely, you should try to get out of the house at least two hours a day. Go to the park, a ride in the country, visit a friend, or take a walk around the block.

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