VICE SQUAD Blu-ray Review

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Filmmaker Gary Sherman has made some adequate and interesting films throughout his career, but for my money, none are as thrilling and entertaining as Vice Squad from 1982. The opening theme song “Neon Slime” is as fiery and sleazy as the picture that follows. Wings Hauser’s raspy Tom Waits like vocals echo through the crime infested Los Angeles landscape like a whirlwind from hell. Most of you that plan on picking up this awesome Blu-ray from Scream Factory don’t need a refresher course of the story, but for the uninitiated all you really need to know is that Hauser plays a ruthless pimp named Ramrod who’s pursuing a working girl who double-crossed him to avenge her friend. Scream Factory did a wonderful 4k scan for this release and the presentation is practically flawless. You can almost feel the steam rising from the sewers beneath the slimy L.A. concrete captured by Stanley Kubrick’s frequent cinematographer John Alcott.

The special features on this disc really exceeded my expectations with the amount of interview footage that was assembled for this release. The interviews with Gary Sherman and producer Brian Frankish aren’t just memories of working on this picture but practically retrospectives on their entire careers. They also both provide a brand new audio commentary for this release as well. Interviews with actors Gary Swanson, Beverly Todd, Pepe Serna and Michael Ensign are included on this disc as well. Last but not least, my favorite special feature included in this release was Hollywood Streetwalking – A Look At The Locations which is kind of self-explanatory but remarkable nonetheless. I think it’s obvious at this point to say that fans of this movie should consider this release an essential pickup for their collection and I would also strongly encourage those of you uninitiated to take a chance with it and see a side of Hollywood that simply doesn’t exist anymore. Also Wings Hauser.

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Sean McClannahan

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