Top Movies that Feature Blackjack

Blackjack may not contain the same element of excitement as Roulette, or the tension found in a Poker game, but there’s no denying its popularity. So much so, film producers have taken to include it in their latest Hollywood blockbusters. Unlike other casino games, there is an element of skill involved, with strategic thinking at the forefront of players making their move – whether card counting techniques are used or not. Want to watch a Blackjack movie? We list some of the best in this article.


21 has to be the ultimate Blackjack movie, largely because it’s based on a true story. It centres around a group of MIT students, who were led by their maths teacher to ultimately employ card counting techniques across a number of casinos in Las Vegas to win millions.

The film focuses on maths major Ben Campbell, who joins the team when his teacher finds that he’s incredibly gifted and able to solve difficult equations with ease. The team is split into two groups: the Spotters and the Big Players. The Spotters have to play the minimum bet and keep track of the count, while the Big Players jump in with larger bets when the count is favourable.

Ben is a Big Player and enjoys living the lavish and luxurious lifestyle connected with his new role – going on to neglect his studies. He originally joined the team in order to make enough money to pay his college scholarship, but once he manages that feat, he carries on and ends up corrupted by greed.

Rain Man

Rain Man isn’t a casino movie by any means but tells the heart-warming tale of Charlie and Raymond Babbit. When Charlie (Tom Cruise) discovers his father has only left him a car in his will, he sets out to find who has the multi-million-dollar fortune – it turns out he has a brother that he never knew he had.

Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) is autistic – he is able to keep track of a number of strange facts, as well as being in set routine every day – and lives in a mental institution. The two set out on a road trip, where Charlie learns more about his brother and the way in which his mind works. Eventually, the pair end up in Las Vegas.

Here, they enter the casino and Charlie exploits Raymond at the Blackjack table. Of course, after a while, the security cotton on to their antics – but at this point, it doesn’t matter, Charlie has made enough money.

As we say, not a casino movie per se, but a great casino scene and also the transition of Charlie’s demeanour from selfish and greedy to compassionate is well worth watching. If you play live Blackjack online, you’re sure to be envious of Raymond’s talents.


As its name suggests, Croupier provides a closer look at Blackjack from the dealer’s (or croupier’s) perspective. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) is a man who’s trying to make it big as a writer but is struggling to get a deal and make ends meet. So, he takes on a new job as a croupier at the local casino. As he soon realises, it isn’t all glitz and glamour and he has to take the positives and the negatives.

The film does a great job of portraying the industry and its workers. All’s well that ends well too, Jack goes on to finish his book and gets it published anonymously – with it becoming a huge success. However, he continues to work as a croupier and is engulfed in that lifestyle.

License to Kill

Okay, so we couldn’t resist but include a James Bond title in this list; after all, 007 is pretty synonymous with casinos. His games of choice have ranged from Baccarat and Craps, to Poker and Roulette. But in Licence to Kill, Bond (who is played by Timothy Dalton) hits the Blackjack table.

So, this particular scene will hardly have you on the edge of your seat, unlike the final hand of Hold’em in Casino Royale. But Bond enters a high-stakes game of Blackjack and wins £250,000 – defeating the movie’s villain and casino owner, Franz Sanchez in the process.

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