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Online Skill Games – Learn How to Win Prizes by Playing Them

You probably heard of skill games, the latest hit in the online multiplayer gaming world. These games place you in real-time sessions against other human opponents. The only task you have is to outscore your rival, and you can win tempting prizes for doing that!

Skill games do not involve a random factor, which means that the winner solely depends on you. On top of that, you can choose the desired genre and game to play. If you love sports, you may want to shoot some pools. But if you are better at arcade or logic games, you can use those skills to win prizes.

Let’s take a look at how to start playing skill games today, and check out the list of genres you can choose from when picking your favorites.

Where Can You Play Skill Games?

Specialized skill gaming websites are places where you can play online. However, you need a reliable site that will secure the ultimate gaming experience. The opportunity to enjoy your favorite games and win prizes are a part of the adventure of practicing Sitago’s skill games. The only thing you need to do to start playing is to register for an account and deposit funds to it. 

You can check out the available multiplayer arenas, and pick the game that suits your preferences. Here are some of the genres that you may want to try out in your search for prizes. 


If you are a racing fan, then chances are you have tried some of the genre’s classics. Online skill gaming takes the same concept – it puts you on a course with the task to cross the finish line first with your vehicle. 

Your goal will be to navigate the turns and avoid losing time by hitting the obstacles or going off-road. The controls include accelerating, as well as reducing speed and using the handbrake. Additionally, some skill games offer nitro, which can get you that speed boost once you need it the most.

The majority of races only have a couple of laps. During those several minutes, you need to maintain your focus and prove that you are a better driver than the opponent. Aside from focus, you will also need precision, and the right timing for steering. 


Sport is a genre with many subcategories, such as:


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Pool
  • Bow and arrow


The genre also has multiple gaming variations, and you can choose between simulation and arcade approaches. For example, you can choose to play a game of pool with realistic physics. You will need to be calm and precise because each move affects the winner. 

However, most skill games have that casual arcade approach. The football matches happen on an imaginary field with balls as players, and you will actually be playing a turn-based game. That features an interesting twist and adds the element of strategy and planning to football. 

You may also encounter a game that focuses only on a single segment of a particular sport. For example, you might need to prove that you are a better basketball shooter than your opponents. That can take shooting the most hoops in a short time, or scoring the basket from the farthest distance. It will be like you are in an all-star game showcasing your skills to the audience, and winning prizes for doing great!


If you followed closely, you noticed that we mentioned Bow and Arrow in the sports section. That game also belongs to the shooting genre, and overlapping is not a rare thing in the skill gaming world. 

As for the shooters, you can choose between the arcade take, or a more realistic approach, such as shooting a sniper. In those games, you will need to calculate the distance to the target, as well as deal with the wind. 

It is vital to keep your concentration levels up, as well as maintain hand-eye coordination. Timing is of the essence, and you will need to shoot at the right moment to get the most points. Although you have a restricted amount of time for every shot, these games are turn-based, which means your primary task is to outscore your opponent, and not shoot more ammo than them.

Puzzles and Logic

Retro gaming fans have remained loyal to simple games that are easy to learn, but hard to master. Tetris might be the best example, especially since it is a game that has been around for decades.

Over time, many different techniques have been tested by players. The truth is that all strategies can be successful if they fit your playing style. You may even need to combine different approaches to get the best result. That is the beauty of puzzle and logic games. You need to think quickly, plan your next move, and adapt to the latest changes on the screen. 


The good old fighting games were extremely popular in the arcades, and their popularity has remained high today. The basic premise should be familiar to you – two players in an arena fighting until only one of them remains standing. 

If you want to win, you need to punch, kick, and attack your opponent to drain their in-game life bar. Skill fighting games are time-sensitive to speed up the action and motivate players to play with an attacking strategy. 

You will need fast reaction times because you will need to dodge the opponent’s attacks and choose the right timing to launch yours. It is vital to keep your focus because putting your guard down for a second might lead into a defeat. You can also make combos to get extra points and destroy the opponent’s confidence. You might be particularly proud if you end the match and win your prize by making a beautiful combo set of moves. 

The opportunity to play different genres and discover what suits you the most is what makes skill gaming so attractive. It is the unique combination of having fun and winning prizes in the process. Feel free to play a skill game session or two today, and see why so many players are hooked to this way of gaming!

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