Why The End Revelation of Nick Fury, Maria Hill Ruins Their Roles in Far From Home

As most of you are probably aware, the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home makes some pretty big revelations about these two characters: they are actually Talos and Soren from Captain Marvel. The latter two are Skrulls that play big roles in the first Marvel film that came out this year. What’s annoying is that you build up this relationship with Nick Fury and Maria Hill throughout the events of the film and it’s revealed to be nothing at all. While there could be space for a remote motion sensor in the film, it seems somewhat confusing to go down this route. Why would you take two of the major Marvel characters to replace them with two relatively new characters?

While it does create an aura of mystery around why Fury is commanding a Skrull ship and where exactly Hill is, it also confuses the audience a great deal. Were Fury and Hill Skrulls the entire time throughout the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? That’s what it appears to be and that the only real Fury scenes were in Captain Marvel. Was Maria Hall even a real person? This revelation also calls into question everything we knew about these two characters too. It creates too many problems for its own good.

You might need to create a remote motion sensor to determine who the real characters are going forward. With Marvel constantly relying on their end credits’ scenes, this continues to pose a problem for their overall brand of storytelling. Do they really wish to just retcon everything over and over again with plot changes and character alterations? They just did this with Captain America in Avengers: Endgame by having him go back in time to change events by having himself live within them as opposed to his being frozen in ice. It alters the very nature and fabric of this world.

Marvel is not that concerned about it. They do not seem too worried about making these choices but it does leave an impact on the audience. It calls into question whether we are actually getting a good film or just another piece of Marvel marketing for their next Avengers film. Spider-Man: Far From Home, while it is probably a well-made film, seems from the outset like another case of Iron Man 2. While the latter is a fantastic film, it has to make room for Fury in it. It services the character but does not do as well as they could have.

With Fury in this movie, it seems to be the same case again. It does not make much sense why the Skrulls would be involved with Peter Parker’s life. While this is definitely original in the world of Spider-Man since it does not include over-plotting or useless characters, it does seem to follow the same Marvel playbook as before. There are many things they could have done in the spirit of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which kept the Marvel brand but also focused on Parker more. Like the web slinger’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the inclusion of Fury and Hill just feels shoehorned in

What Marvel should learn from this type of storytelling is that the characters are what matter and the constant shoehorning of unrelated characters seems unnecessary. While audiences have become used to seeing Fury and Hill pop up different places, it continues to seem not needed. There are many other ways to incorporate these types of plot elements but Marvel sees them still as important to their financial bottom line. While this type of storytelling makes films such as Endgame possible, it also cheapens the individual films that are attempting to service other characters. That’s definitely the Marvel house style though.

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