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Real Life Prototypes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Subdivisions

Daily thousands of Navy Seals, FBI agents, SWAT fighter and other organizations fight with terrorists in Counter-Strike. Interesting, what do their real prototypes do in real life? Let’s take a detailed look in the material below.

American SWAT

This is a subdivision of elite force of the American police. It used to be a name of the group storm with a special weapon. Now the abbreviation stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. SWAT fights are necessary for the cases when regular police officers can’t cope with the real threat. And there is a big chance to lose their employers. In Counter-Strike, you can play for SWAT on maps Rialto, Bank Dizzy, Safehouse.

The main task of SWAT in the game is to stop terrorists, But in real life the list of their duties is much bigger. For example, you need to save hostages (sometimes in CS:GO you need to save hostages, but rarely), to have raids against criminals and to save and support police officers in difficult situations, provide safety of the citizens in case of riotous disturbances.

SWAT employers are ready to risk their lives in real life what they do in practice, When there is not call for a special task, they serve the people as well as regular police officers, Special protection and

weapons are taken only in the case when you need to do a special task. Only the department of emergency service is on the watch for 24 hours a day.

CSG-9 will roast terrorists like German sausages

This police department of the German elite force is also called Border Protection Group 9. Their distinctive feature in CS:GO is camouflage pants in orange. It is interesting that helmets of GSG-9, shown in the trailer of the game are depicted in dark green. The game didn’t have the helmets, but they are close to the real ones. This subdivision appears on the maps of Monastery, Baggage, Overpass.

CSG-9 is controlled by the minister of the Interior in Germany. The special subdivision is ready to start the actions 24 hours a day. If it is necessary, the team can go to any point of the planet to do a special task on demand. CSG-9 fighters participate only in dangerous and difficult special operations.

Guys from the French GIGN can cook ratatouille not only with vegetables

Providing safety and order in France is a duty of the National Gendarmerie. But unlike their American colleagues, the French subdivision of GIGB will be responsible for holding antiterrorist operations only.

It is curious that the French fighters together with CSG-9 are depicted on the advertising banners of CS:GO. GIGN have guns, modern rifles, machine guns, precision sniper rifle, and smooth-bore guns as their weapon.

SAS represents the motherland of James Bond properly

It is a special airborne force, which is also called Special Air Service in Britain. All the operations are thoroughly planned. Before setting off to the task, the local area is investigated properly. The placement of every warder is take into account as well as the season, the weather, the brightness of the sun, the force of the wind, even puddles. All this minor details are gathered by the intelligence men.

SAS qualifications are very strict. During the training stage in the mountains, approximately 80% of fighters get excluded. Only 20-30 people complete the training out of 200 people. Only those who pass all the stages of the elimination get the right to serve for the SAS operative squadron. It is worth noting that both women and men can take part in the elimination.

IDF – extremists know these three letters firsthand

This abbreviation stands for The Israel Defense Forces which is also called Tzahal. It was founded in May 1948 when the country Israel was created. You can play for this army in Dust, Shortdust, and in Dust II.

The doctrine of the actions of the Israeli army was developed in 1949 году after research on the Israel geopolitical location. The opponent had better technologies and powers, so the army had a lot of obstacles on their way to the victory. There was only one chance to cause a maximum damage to the opponent to make them out of the game for a moment.

Little territory of Israel together with difficult boundaries of the country deprived the country of natural barriers for defense. Continuous war actions turned out to be challenging due to mobilization of a big percent of the population. Due to this in 2013 году the doctrine was reduced to three components: control, prevention, disorganization.

The Israeli army has three service branches: Israeli Army, Israeli Air Force, Israeli Navy. The government plants to create cyberspace force.

No way without Navy SEALs

The name of this special subdivision is an abbreviation of English words Sea, Air, Land. The literal meaning «seals» is also used to name the fighters. SEAL is the main tactical subdivision of special operation of the United States Navy. The squad is used for intelligence support for interactions towards diversion events, rescue operation and fights with water terrorism.

At the moment of SEAL being formed in the United States Navy, there were only two squads but the antiterrorist part of the Navy had number 6 due to high level of secrecy.

There is nowhere to hide from FBI for terrorists

This abbreviation stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation in the USA. The organization was founded in 1908, it comprises thousands of representatives. The Bureau has to investigate crimes, and to provide safety of authorities and the nation itself. Also, the Bureau has to do intelligence support.  .

The pool of maps with FBI in CS:GO is wide: Assault, Nuke, Agency, Vertigo and others.

The squad in the CS:GO is based not on the FBI structure, but on really existing brigade for hostage rescue. The subdivision fights with cyberspace attacks and banks robberies.


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