Which movies are worth watching for college students in 2019?

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Movies are not just another entertainment option. It is a medium of art, a kaleidoscope into the history, culture, society, and the contemporary issues of events happening all over the world. There is no better form of creation, that can crawl into the mind of the audience and devise a tremendous impact.

Movies today are considered learning platforms for students to know more about the distinctive customs, and experiences. Every year, the film community takes conscious efforts in delivering masterpieces that are worth watching for inspiration and contemplation. Taking a look at the 2019 releases, these movies could throw light into many aspects whether you are hoping to study abroad or look at the world through a different lens.

1. Apollo 11

It was a proud moment for the entire world when humans made history by reaching for the moon. Describing this movie as awe-inspiring will not do it complete justice. Premiering on the 50th anniversary of the event, Apollo 11 has captured the drive, the vision and the execution of the first trip to the moon.

Primarily a documentary with the recently discovered footage and recordings from the time of launch, the movie portrays significant characters including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michel Collins as we stare in awe and thrill at the impressive curation of the whole journey. Whether you are hoping to mean astronaut, a filmmaker or simply here to get inspired, the movie will give you goosebumps.

2. Diane

When a film critique becomes a director, there has to be no room for error. Kent Jones took inspiration from real life and shot the feature film in just 20 days. Diane resembles someone we have all come across in our lives, someone who is constantly in the lookout for others’ well being. The movie looks into drug addiction, her altruism throughout her life that invariably tested on many levels. It might make us look at similar people we meet in life and devote a new found respect for their sacrifices. You can download YouTube videos and movies just like this.

3. Walk. Ride. Rodeo

Taking a stand back from the artistic depictions, the biopic Walk.Ride.Rodeo of Amberley Snyder is utterly exhilarating as she teaches us that any odds could be overcome. This nationally ranked rodeo barrel racer made a tremendous comeback after being paralyzed waist down in a car accident. It is a true story that defies odds and is relevant in the millennial to prove that it is indeed possible to fight back on every aspect that we think are doomed. The incident occurred recently in 2010 which crushed Amberley’s vertebrate, and the movie features the real-life Amberly as a stunt double. Now, that is definitely a wow factor.

4. Long Day’s Journey Into Night

The highlight of this movie is the techniques, a 56-minute single take 3D sequence. The shot features the protagonist’s travel to a rural landscape while he is sitting in a movie theatre. It is indeed charming, with its own quirkiness and the transition of being a ghost in his past. The beautiful intertwining of memories, past and the present is inextricable using elements we find surrounding us has been employed stunningly be clever shots is amusing to watch. 

5. Avengers: Endgame

Just to cheer things up in the end, Endgame will sure put a smile on many faces. The movie not only has a broad fan base but is worth mentioning as it marks the end of an era for those who grew up with the Avengers. The movie is yet to release, but regardless of the actualization, is one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Overall,  2019 seems to be a good year for movie enthusiasts and students to pick up snippets worth learning from. There are plenty more to look forward to as the year unfolds. There are also plenty more at fmovies.

Jennifer Lockman graduated from UCLA majoring in Journalism and blogger at Her expertise includes general education, e-learning, business, writing, and lifestyle.

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